Rovere d’Oro 2017

The 30th Rovere d’Oro Prize’s and the 2017 Young Talents Competition’s announcements are now online. It’s going to be a special edition for us, the 30th birthday of this important music event that in 2017 is going to award even more substantial bursaries, in addition to prize concerts and Young Talents’ evening performances.
See you in San Bartolomeo al Mare from July 29th to August 3rd 2017!

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Competition rules&information


Today results – Section I (afternoon session)

Cat. C2


Section I – cat. B2

1st prize – Sylvan Moeri – 95 pt.


Results – section I – A4

1st prize- Dana Assylbekkyzy – 97 p.

1st prize – Alexio Cadei – 95 p.

1st prize – Alessandro Scarella – 95 p.


Results – Section I – cat. A1

1st prize – Anita Joana Stoica – 99 points

1st prize – Ayumi-Sophie Jung – 97

1st prize – Lorenzo Missiroli – 95

1st prize- Sakura-Rosa Mandaglio – 95

2ndprize – Khachaturyan Konstantin – 93

2nd prize – Ginevra Giaccardi – 90

3rd prize – Sebastian Musso – 88

3rd prize – Emma Kanz – 87

3rd prize – Emanuele Degl’Innocenti – 86

3rd prize – Anna Luce Marzorati – 86

3rd prize- Daniela Pierotello – 85


NEWS about timetable

An error about section I cat. b/4 and A/6 occurred on the timetable published few days ago.

Here you will find news release.

We apologize for the inconvenience

Rovere d’Oro staff

Timetable – last version


News competition 2016

In attachment some important news for RO & GT concurrents


Rovere d’Oro staff


Convocazione concorrenti pdf


RO & GT – Competition timetable

In fews day competition will start, here you can download competition timetable.

See you soon in San Bartolomeo al Mare




Waiting for Rovere – with Wiedemann

In a few days XXIX Rovere d’Oro – Young Talent will start. For celebrate it, we organize a concert with guitaris Augustin Wiedemann.

He will play on saturday 9th July, in N.S. Rovere churc in San Bartolomeo, at 6.30pm

Se youo soon in San Bartolomeo !

Rovere d’Oro Staff


+++ For all competitor +++

New contact for piano accompanist

Luisa Repola – +393387488400 – luisarepola @