Rovere Competition


Christian Lavernier, Direttore Artistico Rovere D'oro Competition


Christian Lavernier was born in Imperia July 27, 1979, and took his first steps in classical guitar studies with M° Mario Senise. He graduated from the Conservatory Giuseppe Verdi in Milan, with the Maestro Paolo Chierici. He attended master classes held by some of the most representative teachers of the international guitar scene including Alirio Diaz, Conrad Ragosnig and David Russell. He deepened the study of the contemporary repertoire, with Angelo Gilardino.

Concert activity and masterclasses:

After participating in and winning numerous international concerts, Lavernier immediately began his professional concert career performing in important festivals and seasons both nationally (Accademia Internazionale di S. Cecilia di Roma (Italy), Festival delle Due Città (Treviso/Roma), Auditorium Mecenate (Rome), Todi Festival (Todi), Time Zone Festival (Bari)… ) and international (Magnitogosk International Guitar Festival (Russia), Andrès Segovia International Festival of Linares (Spain), Thailand International Guitar Festival (Thailand), Bunka Kaikan Recital Hall of Tokyo (Japan), Philia Hall (Yokohama), Collège de France (Paris), International Guitar Festiva Morelia (Mexico), Clarke Recital Hall of Miami Florida (U.. S.A), Hong Kong International Guitar Festival (Hong Kong), National Library of Rosario (Argentina), International Festival Ciudad De Bolivar (Venezuela), Shenzhen International Guitar Festival (China), London International Guitar Festival (England)).

In addition to his concert career, he has held masterclasses in important European and international institutions (Conservatorio de Ceuta (Spain), Conservatorio De las Rosa (Mexico), Frost University of Miami School of Music Florida (U.S.A.) Guitar Acaderny Yokohama (Japan), Conservatorio National de Linares (Spain), Universidad National de Litoral de Santa Fe (Argentina) Conservatorio National de Bolivar (Venezuela) Conservatorio National de Aalborg (Denmark)).


In 2009 he was awarded the first prize for artistic merit in Burgos. In 2013 he was awarded the International Prize for Artistic Trajectory by the CUI University of Ixtlahuaca, In 2014, at the opening of the Festival Internacional de Guitarra de Angostura, he was awarded the prize for artistic career. In 2017, the Rovere d’Oro and Young Talents competition of which he is artistic director was awarded the prize for Best Cultural Event in Liguria (FestivalMare). In 2018 has been awarded to Lavernier the prize Città di Imperia San Leonardo for his artistic achievements.

Projects and collaborations:

In 2013 he released his first CD “Christian Lavernier” with the first recording of “Vagando”, the only work for guitar by Luchino Belmonti.

Since 2013 he has taken part in collaborations with artists of various musical genres such as: Tommy Emmanuel, Antonella Ruggero, Sarah Jane Morris, Peter Finger.

2016 saw the release of “Tres Almas” the first three pieces composed for classic guitar and edited by Sinfonica Editions.

Since 2016, he has been on stage together with actor Ugo Dighero, with the melologue “Platero y Yo” on a text by Juan Ramon Jimenez and music by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco.

In 2016, master luthier Carlos Gonzalez completed the first and only thiorbate guitar “La Soñada” imagined, built and dedicated to Christian Lavernier and his new musical interpretation.

Since 2018, “La Soñada” has been at the heart of the new Contemporary Future project, which includes works by great Italian and international composers (A. Gilardino, A. Talmelli, F. Chaviano, F. Iannitti…), composed for this instrument and dedicated to Christian Lavernier. Also in 2018, the meeting with M° Nicola Campogrande gave rise to a fruitful collaboration with the publication of the 12 Inkjet Preludes rethought for the “La Soñada” and published by the major Universal Music – Ricordi, with revision and fingering by Christian Lavernier.

For Universal Music – Ricordi, moreover, is published the new work “Redobles y Consonancias” dedicated to Christian Lavernier and “La Soñada” by M° Azio Corghi. Revision and fingering of the work are entrusted to Lavernier himself.

In June 2019, the album “12 Preludi a Getto d’Inchiostro – 12 Ink-Jets Preludes” is released.

In November of the same year, “Contemporary Future” is released by EMA Vinci under the patronage of SIMC and CIDIM. The disc obtained the SIAE label – Classics of Today. The disc’s preface is signed by Ennio Morricone. The introduction to the project and the works is by Azio Corghi and Andrea Talmelli.

March 2021 saw the release of his third album with La Soñada, “Aria” (EMA Vinci), composed by Lavernier himself and with graphics by street artist MrFjodor.

In May of the same year, a new edition of “Habanera Trunca” has been released for “La Soñada”. The piece has been dedicated to Christian Lavernier by Leo Brouwer and published by Espirale Eterna.

In November 2021, the album “Travel” (EMA Vinci) on six-string guitar was released.

In March 2022 “Deepawali” work for guitar and harp is published (Ema Edition).

In April 2022 “Six Guitar Studies” studies for six-string guitar, (Ema Edition) is published.

In June 2022 “Helgoland” composition, a tribute to Werner Karl Heisenberg, is published for Soñada (Ema Edition).

In July 2022 “Oumuamua,” a work for theremin and guitar, is composed (Ema Edition).

In September 2022 “Light Side” a tribute composition to “Lucio Fontana” is published for Soñada (Ema Edition).

In April 2023 “Aurea” for Clarinet and Piano is composed and dedicated to clarinetist Tommaso Lonqhich (Ema Edition).

April 2023 saw the release of “Six Fois Onze,” six pieces written by Alessandro Solbiati, dedicated to Christian Lavernier for Soñada, published for Suvini-Zerboni and recorded for EMA Vinci.

In June 2023 has been published SAMO© a tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat for EMA Vinci Edition.

Christian Lavernier plays on Josè Ramirez guitars and he is official endorser of Aquila Corde Armoniche.

Artistic directions :

He was artistic director of the International Festival “Piani Musicali”, a position he held for fifteen years.

Since 2016, he has been artistic director of the Rovere D’Oro International Competition of Musical Execution and Young Talents.