Rovere Competition



Upon the physical death of Mother Rita, it seemed impossible for us not to have her among us anymore, the creative soul of the prestigious Rovere d’Oro Award. It is true that the award she bequeathed to us would have continued its way but, we would no longer have her physical presence, we would no longer be able to mention and thank her during the evenings of the Competition, in short, it seemed to us that we had lost her forever. From this wonderful legacy of hers and wanting to keep her desires aimed at talented young people eager to pursue a career in the musical world, it seemed essential to us to create an award dedicated to her. Thus was born the Rita Romani Arimondo Prize, registered with the Imperia Chamber of Commerce. Prize included within the Rovere d’Oro Competition. A prize aimed at young people eager to have a musical future, a prize that could help them pursue their careers.
It was intended to materialize Her wish addressed to the young people, always in Her thoughts namely to be able to give them the chance to be the future of music of tomorrow.

Vivi Arimondo